What you need to know about TINNING

Tinning is a method of binding by crimping a metal strip along the top and bottom edges of a sheet of paper, with a loop at the top for easy hanging.
Tinning is a binding procedure that uses a metal strip which is clamped to the top of the text to hold the sheets together. Tinning is an inexpensive way to support and hang posters or calendars.

The metal tins are available with zero to three hanging eyelets or a string attached to the tin.

• Great for wall calendars & large charts, posters, etc.
• Tin your company’s promotional calendar.
• Keeps edges flat against wall.

Tin Colours:
-black -white -gold lacquer -gray -red -blue

• Tin both the top &/or bottom of poster up to 36″.
• Finished product can be rolled into mail tubes.