Custom Assembly


No project is to small or to large for our custom assembly area. This department, dedicated to intricate hand bindery and assembly work, was designed to allow Canadian Calendar to manufacture custom kits that require extensive handwork and attention to detail. We assemble an array of projects with anywhere from 2 to 20 or more pieces. Some require multiple versions of the same basic kit depending on the demographics of the marketplace that will be receiving it or the customers’ one-to-one requirement. Many of these projects have large distribution and/or mailing lists and are shipped nationwide.
This area is also designated for pick-and-pack and fulfillment operations for those customers that choose to store their finished pieces with us for fulfillment on demand contract programs. Ask your sales representative for details on these programs.


Need some samples to show prospective clients? Need to proof the project in 3-D? Just need some prototypes to show off your product line?

Come to us, we can help you!